Sunday, July 11, 2010

Responding to Christ

If you have heard and understood "the good news", then you are accountable for the manner in which you live your life from that point forward. The Bible is definitive in the assertion of this truth: your life is your response to the knowledge that Jesus died for your sins and the life you live is your response to God's desire to have relationship with you. The living of our lives, our response to God is dependent upon two things; what we know about Him and our willingness to accept and believe the truth of His word. If we do not know God's character or nature then we do not really know him. Many people have the mistaken belief that knowing there is a God is sufficient for a relationship, for their redemption." I believe God exists so I am saved." That is a tremendous misunderstanding of God's word and a false interpretation of what it means to "believe."
If we do not know His word, then we are relying on the interpretation of others to know
 God's character and what He requires of us as His children. How can we have a response that honors the life and death of God's son if we do not know who God is or what he says about " our living"? A relationship with God and his son is the only hope we have for redemption; how do we respond if we have no knowledge of God or His word? Relationships have costs. If you are married or have children you understand that truth intrinsically.
To know someone requires time, energy, listening, speaking. It is dependent upon interaction, consideration,
concession. Knowing God  is more than putting in a few hours on Sunday morning. We have to seek Him.
We have to pursue Him. He has made the way for relationship to be restored but we are responsible for finding our way to Him. Where do I start you may ask? By inviting Him into your heart and asking Him to set you on fire for Him and His ways. By simply saying "God, I am sorry I have been so about me that I have never really considered you, can you show me what I have been missing?" He most assuredly will.

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