Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Self Pity

When Circumstance and Self- Pity conspire and tempt us to feel that God has abandoned us or left us hanging,
we must remember how incredibly fortunate we are to be counted among His children and that knowledge alone should sustain us through the darkness, and shame us for requiring more. Our self esteem, our self centeredness,
our self absorption all separate us from the true 'self ' we will discover if we will examine our motives and allegiance in light of what God's word has to say about us.There is nothing commendable or good within in us that is not imparted by Christ's righteousness. When we are tempted to say "I deserve better" or "I don't deserve this", we would do well to consider the abundance and provision we enjoy relative to the truly destitute and disadvantaged that have endured lives of hardship that can only be described as hellish. As we look at the world objectively (not subjectively) we will be confronted by our wealth, health, and opportunity relative to the millions of truly poor who cling to life with little hope of their situation improving. That knowledge should humble us for being discontent with whatever difficulty or trial we may be temporarily moving through.. A cheerful ( and grateful) heart is good medicine. 

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