Thursday, June 24, 2010


Believe: We enter each day with a singular decision, to trust in the maker of all things or to trust in ourselves. Will it all hinge upon me or will I trust that God has orchestrated events to bless and grow me; that unexpected setbacks will bloom into new opportunities?
The biggest hindrance to fellowship with one another and relationship with our God is our stubborn insistence on self sufficiency. We have it under control , we have a plan, we are doing it. We are determined to make our lives
as clean and pain free as we can, even if that means ignoring and avoiding those who have not been so fortunate. Believing in God requires relaxing our grip on our lives and becoming available for the service of others, gratitude for our abundant blessing and humility in the knowledge that we have done nothing to deserve all that we enjoy. It means spending less time on 'things' and 'mine' and more time on others and Him. Being dependent upon God is a process, a journey. You release things gradually. It isn't easy but it is necessary. As long as you can keep it all going on your own, you don't really need God. When life crushes you and you have no answers, where will you turn? Believe