Monday, March 14, 2011

Spring Brings

    Gnarled massive trees with hints of leaves are swaying in a gusting west wind.  A lone bird sings an endless song. Together the wind and bird remind me of God and I am overcome with the awareness of His presence.
Like the wind, God cannot be seen, but His power to move things is undeniable. A faint breeze or a roaring gale are both God speaking in His creation, moving climates, shifting moisture, changing seasons. If you have lost something to the wind and chased it, you have danced with God as he playfully pulls it from your grasp each time you are upon it; so it is with putting your finger on just exactly who God is. As soon as we are assurred in our understanding, we realize we have no real grasp of who or what God is.
     The wind carries things miles from their homes. I love fall days when blustery waves shake loose leaves from trees, tossing and tumbling them in swirling ballets. Leaves on the ground are swept aloft for a second chance at gliding back to rest. God often plucks up people from the safety of their 'trees' and sends them on tumultous flights before they are grounded again. In the same way that leaves are carried wildly on the wind, we are carried along by the breathe of God, unseen yet powerful, a faint breeze that belies the potential gale.

A Winter Prayer


Thank You for your mercy and grace, for your majesty and glory. Your faithfulness sustains me through the challenges surrounding me. How would I breathe without the knowledge of your love and the promise of life found in your Word. When I am weary of all that breaks man's heart, your heavens soothe my soul and give peace. I see evil and know You have conquered it: I see injustice and know its reign has an end. Give me courage to declare Your victory, to sing your praise, to share the promise of Your son. Forgive me for reducing the cross to cheap grace; for reducing purity and holiness to elements of faith that are negotiable.
Make my heart submissive; surrendered , humbled - hungry for purity....holiness.....righteousness.